Zarchy architects
Staff Residences Sorasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv. Invited Competition
The brief called for 300 staff apartments (for MDs, Nurses and hospital staff), 4 kindergarten classes as well as an extension to an existing above ground parking garage. The GFA of the tower’s floorplan was defined by the existing zoning plan as well as other limitations resulting from the exiting conditions.
We propose to create diversity within this pre-defined contour, to create an architectural identity whithin the strict restrictions. We create 5 different variations for residential floor plans and stack them one on top of the other in a way that creates visual ‘richness’ on one hand and a unified and homogenous identity on the other hand.
The facade is articulated in simple means: Slabs, perpendicular opaque walls and glass walls shaded by metal mesh sheets. We propse to continue the metal mesh in otder to treat the exisitng and new parking garage in order to uinify the different parts to whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Tel - Aviv, Israel
Staff Residences 15598sqm (+10200sqm Parking)

invited competition