Zarchy architects
Be'er Sheva, Pisgat Ramot Masterplan
An urban district for residential purposes, public buildings, open areas and employment areas.
Givatayim Central Business District Masterplan
The goal of the project is to create an urban, car-free space at the center of the site that creates a welcoming, social and economical heart to the project. This heart is an urban plaza surrounded by a mixed use program of retail, offices and housing in order to create a vibrant environment, active around the clock.
Directorate Campus
The Urban Planning Scheme covers a closed area that is located between the streets of Begin and HaHashmal to the business, commercial and residential area, which integrates with the metropolitan CBD, creating wide open areas decorated with historic buildings and trees for conservation.
Rishon LeZion - 1,000,000 sqm
The project is located in the western part of Rishon LeZion, in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. The site is bordered by the main metropolitan freeway, the Ayalon, on the east, by an old but developing industrial area on the north; and by a planned park on the south.
Government Complex in Jerusalem - Competition Finalist
Zarhy architects were chosen among three other finalists to participate in the final round of an invited competition to design the new premises of the Israeli government in Jerusalem
New Masterplan for Ben Gurion University. Competition
The master plan for the north campus aims to expand the existing campus by an additional 255,000 sqm.