Zarchy architects
Rishon LeZion - 1,000,000 sqm
The project is located in the western part of Rishon LeZion, in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. The site is bordered by the main metropolitan freeway, the Ayalon, on the east, by an old but developing industrial area on the north; and by a planned park on the south. The mayor's vision calls for a new center for the city that will stimulate major financial and social development.
Concept We propose a return to the "classic" urban paradigm, one that consists of streets, squares and boulevards. We wish to create a truly sustainable city that allows for diversity of use, experience, living and working typologies, ages etc. What we propose is a strategy rather than a riveted design. Our concept is divided into fixed and flexible systems that allow for change and reinterpretation, thereby ensuring continued relevance with the passage of time. This proposal introduces an innovative and sustainable addition to the city: a new typology of garden city that incorporates urban density with a diversity of programmatic uses. It reduces the use of private vehicles by creating a working and living environment based on public transportation, bicycles, and pedestrian circulation. This environment upholds high quality of life in classic city surroundings that unify street life, community, leisure and commerce. The city block is envisioned as a mélange of the "European" block and the local Israeli building typology. Pedestrian paths traverse the landscape, enabling crossings as well as multiple elevations for each apartment.

Rishon LeZion
Site area : 1,000,000 sqm.
Total program area : 1,500,000 sqm.
Invited competition