Zarchy architects

Housing, Ramat Hasharon
The project proposes a Mediterranean approach to residential architecture - a unique identity and an impact on the urban context.
BROADCOM R&D Center + Faculty of Engineering – TAU
The Broadcom building is the first building at the Tel Aviv University campus that opens up to the city. As such it changes the campus’ paradigm by re-connecting the city and the campus. It is located in a prominent site on the hillside, facing Tel Aviv’s main highway and takes advantage of the site’s height difference in order to create an accessible, animated urban facade showcasing learning spaces, lobby and cafeteria and allowing direct entrance to the building
Laboratory Building, Tel-Hai, Israel
The laboratory complex, to be constructed on Tel-Hai’s Level Campus east of route 90, is designed to serve as the Galilee’s first synergetic hub of life sciences and academia
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is the largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world. The Logistic Center is located on a prominent site in the Hevel Modiin Industrial Park, in close proximity to Israel's core 'Highway 6'. The center will function as the Israeli hub for Teva's storage and distribution necessities.
Atidim 8
A new tower at the Aidim urban Hi-Tech campus, whose master plan was devised by our office in the 70's.
SAREL Logistics center & offices
Sarel is the central purchasing arm of government hospitals and other public health institutions in Israel. The company provides a wide range of medicines, vaccines, medical and laboratory equipment and services, and complementary services to the healthcare system.
Sorasky Medical Center - New Hospitalisation Tower
The Sorasky Medical center's new hospitalisation tower is planned to be built at the north-east part of the hospital area. The Tower will rise up to 25 storey height. The main purpose of the building will be creating a new rehabilitation center.
Givatayim Central Business District Masterplan
The goal of the project is to create an urban, car-free space at the center of the site that creates a welcoming, social and economical heart to the project. This heart is an urban plaza surrounded by a mixed use program of retail, offices and housing in order to create a vibrant environment, active around the clock.
Be'er Sheva, Pisgat Ramot Masterplan
An urban district for residential purposes, public buildings, open areas and employment areas.