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Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is the largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world. The Logistic Center is located on a prominent site in the Hevel Modiin Industrial Park, in close proximity to Israel's core 'Highway 6'. The center will function as the Israeli hub for Teva's storage and distribution necessities.
Two main questions determine the architectural solution:
Representation- Which architectural language is best suited to represent Teva’s defining values? Organization- How can the typology of a Logistic Center be redefined?
The key is in the spatial organization of the various functions, which takes advantage of the natural height difference between the two sides of the site. The distribution center is located at the lower level, while its roof is used as the main entrance and parking space for both employees and visitors, thereby separating functional vehicle circulation from other traffic. The office structure is located between the two automatic warehouses, and is sheltered with a louvered roof.
The monolithic volume is thus divided by the office building while maintaining unity of form. This inventive linear arrangement fashions a building with a prominent, though not overtly monumental, presence that projects a clear visual representation suited to the Teva company image.
Sustainability is a key factor in the design. The louvered roof minimizes heat accumulation and energy expenditures in the office wing. In addition, solar panels add a source of renewable energy.

Site program:
• Two automatic shelf-supported warehouses, measuring 12,000 sq.m (72,000 pallets and 42m high) at an initial stage with possibility of expansion to 120,000 pallets.
• Distribution Center with shipping and receiving facilities, measuring 16,500 sq.m at lower level and 5000 sq.m at mezzanine level, 12m high.
• Office building above the distribution center, measuring 2500 sq.m
• Energy center + service areas measuring 2000 sq.m
• 400-car parking area and minibus shuttle service parking area for employees, located on top of the distribution center.

45,000 sqm

Photo: Amit Geron

An article in "Ha'aretz" about the project (Hebrew) :