Zarchy architects
Teva OSD Jerusalem
The building is Teva’s new major state of the art production facility, located on Mount Hotzvim, a new Industrial zone in west Jerusalem. The building is composed of four distinct elements – production, warehouse, laboratory and office wing and utilities. A main vertical circulation and services core interconnects them. The challenge was to organize this complex program in a building that fits to its special topographical setting.
The building as a whole is an arrangement of simple forms that clarify the functions of its parts and for maximum architectural legibility. Each of the forms’ elevations is treated according to its function and characteristics. The entire building is clad with local stone, as required by buildings regulations, but by using different colorations, configurations and fenestrations, each part of the building is given a clear identity.
The concept of the building as an assembly of parts brought together in an ordered series, is not only a sensible organizational arrangement, but the differentiated treatment of those parts is also an architectural equivalent of identifying pharmaceutical products by shape and color.
The building, its location and its prominence, represents a powerful yet modest image suitable to TEVA’s values.

28,000 sqm

Photo: Amit Geron