Zarchy architects
Yahav Hamias - Logistic center & Business, Shoham
The Yahav Hamias Logistis & Business complex is located in Shoham. The Complex includs Logistic centers, commercial areas, offices.
SAREL Logistics center & offices
Sarel is the central purchasing arm of government hospitals and other public health institutions in Israel. The company provides a wide range of medicines, vaccines, medical and laboratory equipment and services, and complementary services to the healthcare system.
Atidim 8
A new tower at the Aidim urban Hi-Tech campus, whose master plan was devised by our office in the 70's.
Weizmann Center
Weizmann center is a multi-functional complex, in the context of an existing major medical center in the heart of Tel Aviv. In order to accomplish contextual integration, the large constructed area is articulated in three separate buildings connected by a covered commercial street, a galleria, acting as the complex’s spine.
Ledico-Bosch Building – Rishon LeZion
The Ledico-Bosch building is a multi-purpose facility located in the new industrial area in Rishon Le Zion. The building serves as the headquarters of Ledico-Bosch, a company that represents Bosch.
Makhteshim Agan, Ramat Hovav
Central Dinning space and offices at the Makhteshim Agan plant in Ramat Hovav.