Zarchy architects
Ledico-Bosch Building – Rishon LeZion
The Ledico-Bosch building is a multi-purpose facility located in the new industrial area in Rishon Le Zion. The building serves as the headquarters of Ledico-Bosch, a company that represents Bosch.
The location is a dense business area, laid out in uniform plots aligned along a commercial street.
The building is formulated as a compact, sophisticated, and elegant form that houses the firm’s numerous activities: logistic center, fully automatic computerized warehouse, a service and training center, Bosch Diesel center, and administration.
It is a compilation of simple cubic volumes and voids, grouped according to functional needs, and exhibiting a dynamic yet restrained presence.
The exterior skin is made of a single module of extruded anodized aluminum and flushed glass, creating an abstract, no-detail articulation and allowing interplay of transparency and opacity.

Rishon LeZion
7800 sqm

Photo: Amit Geron