Zarchy architects
Weizmann Center
Weizmann center is a multi-functional complex, in the context of an existing major medical center in the heart of Tel Aviv. In order to accomplish contextual integration, the large constructed area is articulated in three separate buildings connected by a covered commercial street, a galleria, acting as the complex’s spine.
A garden is located on top of the commercial center, extending the adjacent “Ahad-Asar” garden. The main entrance from Weizmann Street creates a continuation of the street through an urban plaza and establishes a natural connection to the city and the hospital.
All buildings are clad with stone and glass, however, each one has a unique façade articulation. Thus, architectural coherence is maintained while sustaining each structure’s own character. The internal façades of the covered street continue the external façades of the buildings, simulating the feeling of an urban street.

Data 140,000 sq.m built above ground. Commercial Center - Contains a commercial area of 3600 sq.m. Retirement Home - Houses apartments for independents, four geriatric wards, and public areas for use by residents. Office Tower - Contains hotel, medical clinics, offices and Retirement Home apartments. Parking lot - Can contain 2,300 vehicles, 700 of which exceed the project’s demand, for staff and visitors of the medical center.

Tel Aviv
140,000 sqm

Photo: Amit Geron