Zarchy architects
Atidim 8
The complex is comprised of buildings specially designed for high-tech based industries. The building is part of this complex, whose master plan was devised by our office in the 70's. Its design philosophy established a new paradigm for high-tech campuses in an urban environment and has triggered major development in its adjacent areas and created Tel Aviv's main employment quarter, mixing workplaces, leisure and retail. The building's design needed to overcome a major incongruity: How to create vast horizontal floor area in a high-rise building, while maintaining maximum natural light? Our solution creates maximal envelope in relation to floor area: The building is conceived of as two intersecting volumes creating a flexible floor plan that allows for either a division into several companies or unification for a single corporation. The building also includes public amenities on ground level, such as indoor retail spaces, that will function as the new heart of the entire campus. Architecturally, the elevations of the two volumes are articulated differently, one horizontally and the other vertically, helping to lighten the building's mass. We have developed a unique technology that treats both the glass and the stone cladding as a curtain wall. This sophisticated system reinvents the use of stone as a cladding material.

Tel Aviv
50,000 sqm above ground and 50,000 sqm below ground


An article in "Ha'aretz" about the project (English) :