Zarchy architects
Housing, Ramat Hasharon
The project proposes a Mediterranean approach to residential architecture - a unique identity and an impact on the urban context.
Hahula 14, Ramat Gan
Rather than an extrusion to a typical plan, the project was conceived as a pure box, perforated with windows and balconies. That contributes to the building's flexibility and its ability to accommodates 9 different apartment types.
Lohamei Sinai 15-17, Ramat Gan
Urban regeneration project that includes 50 units.
Harav Merozin 9, Ramat Gan
Urban regeneration project that includes 19 units.
Habanim 13, Ramat Gan
Urban regeneration project that includes 37 units.
Arlozorov 150, Tel Aviv
Redesign and expansion of an existing building. The building's new program includes a mix of uses; with Zarhy Architectural office on the first floor, and residential units above.
Otopeni 2.4 ha – Bucharest / Romania
With no historical urban context and very restricting site geometry, this project is carefully composed of compact volumes aligned so as to allow both privacy and unobstructed views of open public spaces.
Sherman Residence, Ramat Hasharon
The house is located in a suburb outside of Tel Aviv, part of a typical residential neighborhood that consists of single-family houses on relatively small plots. The design offers an interpretation of the typical pitched-roof house
Sde Boker Dormitories
The proposed project is an extension of the existing dormitories in the Sde Boker campus. The primary task was to create comfortable, spacious and cost effective dwellings that enunciated their communal function while fostering privacy
Six Residential Blocks Ramat Aviv
The project is located in an affluent residential area called Ramat Aviv in northern Tel Aviv. The complex is composed of 2 clusters of six residential blocks, each one rising 8 stories high and facing a lush park.
Single-Family Houses Ramat Hasharon
Here we created a residential neighborhood of semi-detached single-family houses between 2 and 3 stories high. The layout is modeled on the Dutch town of "Woonerf".