Zarchy architects
Arlozorov 150, Tel Aviv
The building's new program includes a mix of uses; Zarhy Architectural office is located on the first floor, while the residential units are above it. The main concept and programmatic organization were drawn from the unique existing reference - Arlozrov street section, where Ficus trees are planted along unique and dense architectural sequence.

In the new design, a small urban plaza was created, eliminating the clear separation between the building and the street. The new plaza is also used as a divider between the office main entrance on the right, and the residential main entrance to the left. The location of the office on the first floor, under the banyan trees, strengthens contact with pedestrians and allows them a glimpse into the backstage of architecture as a main event.

The building was created as a simple clear white box. The north facade facing the Arlozorov street is transparent, thereby maintaining and strengthening the relationship with the street, while all other facades were riddled with openings, emphasizing the volume of the building.

Woven into the urban fabric of the building on the one hand, and creating a unique architecture that integrates and identity the street on the other, The design seeks to create a new paradigm for the architecture of residential buildings in the city.

Tel Aviv, Israel
1500 sqm

Photo: Aviad Bar Ness