Zarchy architects
Housing, Ramat Hasharon
The project proposes a Mediterranean approach to residential architecture - a unique identity and an impact on the urban context.

It is situated on an elongated plot, sloping gently through north-south axis, between two streets which define it. The project consists of 11 single family houses, of which 10 are new and one is a historical modernist villa from the 50s. The houses are laid out in two rows along the street on the north and an inner lane.

The new buildings are designed as simple pure and elegant boxes, faithful to the modern spirit of the historic villa, featuring reinterpretation of the original details.

Each unit is 4 stories high, oriented through north- south axis. The ground floor with the main entrance is a spacious loft like living realm organized in an open plan extending to a small garden blurring the boundary between inside-outside. The other 2 levels are the private areas – bedrooms, with additional roof terrace.

Ramat Hasharon, Israel
3600 Sqm

Photo: Mikaela Burston