Zarchy architects
Laboratory Building, Tel-Hai, Israel
The laboratory complex, to be constructed on Tel-Hai’s Level Campus east of route 90, is designed to serve as the Galilee’s first synergetic hub of life sciences and academia. The first stage (1 of 3), covering a little over 3,500 square meters, will house 14 laboratories and supplementary administrative spaces.

The laboratory complex will be located on the eastern wing of the campus. In its final state it will comprise of 3 laboratory buildings functioning together. Similar to the western wing, the laboratory complex’ main access for pedestrians will be through the campus’ forum, its heart and it will face the formidable views to the south.

The building is designed to complement the master plan of the entire campus on one hand, while indicating the building’s unique role on the other. It is the first stage of the future laboratory complex.

It is imagined as an elegant composition of three overlapping volumes: the northern and southern ones house the laboratories, while the central volume functions as a connector – it contains the vertical circulation, communal functions as well as social places which encourage the building’s users to meet, discuss and interact with each other.

We aim to not only provide a new building, but also a new place for science that will engage, inspire and encourage the different audiences of researchers and students towards innovation and creativity.

The building is designed to be functional as well as inviting to innovation and creative inquiry. It is modular and flexible in order to meet changing needs and future technologies. We designed a series of interaction spaces in different scales that create a pleasant learning and research environment and contributes to collaboration and innovation.

The new laboratory complex is open to its surroundings, to the breathtaking views of the Galilee and to the campus. It puts a special emphasis on creating a welcoming working environment: it invited the different disciplines to visit each other, to learn and to collaborate. It is a place of research, education and innovation.

Invited competition 1st prize.

Tel Hai, Israel
3,500 sqm
2016 - 2022