Zarchy architects
Physics Library, Weizman Institute of Science
The library forms an integral part of the Physics Complex in the Weizman Institute of Science. The architectural concept for the building derives from its central location at the main intersection of the complex. It was envisioned as a hovering concrete and glass slab that would serve not only as an extension to the existing physics building, but would also create an accessible vestibule for the complex. With its gracefully elevated design, the library seemingly floats over the ground floor. This leaves the entry level free to serve as an entrance to the existing buildings and generates a covered social space protected from the beating sun. The building is a cubic form constructed of structural elements presented in their most pristine condition. Inside, it is an open space with bookshelves in the center and individual working spaces along the naturally day-lit glass facades. In its essence the building is ascetic and pure, achieving harmony between interior and exterior spaces.

1,500 sqm

Photo: Amit Geron