Zarchy architects
National Library, Competition (Finalist)
The library is envisioned as a compact building in which each programmatic element is articulated according to the needs of its distinct function. It is a building that acts as one harmonious structure, all of whose parts serve the same vision, and integrate well with each other, while giving specific character and appropriate response to the specific needs of each of its components.

The main entrance of the library is located at the 780 level and it can be accessed from all sides of the building, thus creating an accessible and welcoming building. It sits on a podium that connects seamlessly to the landscape. The Educational and Cultural functions are placed above the entrance, allowing them to be accessed also when other functions of the library are closed.

The top two levels contain the core of the library – the research and study functions. The third floor, that contains the open shelf and the main reading room, cantilevers above the main plaza and opens up spectacular views over the city and the surrounding landscape. Its roof functions as an open air terrace that offers a break from the prolonged working sessions and creates added value – additional social spaces providing an opportunity to interact. Indoor and outdoor spaces are interconnected.

40,000 sqm
International Competition - Finalist
Collaborators: StudioPEZ, S.ben Abraham