Zarchy architects
Givatayim Central Business District Masterplan
The goal of the project is to create a modern, sustainable and vibrant CBD (Central Business District) at the center of Givatayim. This CBD is seen as an extension of the metropolitan one, centered in Tel-Aviv and Ramat-Gan.
We wish to create an urban, car-free space at the center of the site that creates a welcoming, social and economical heart to the project. This heart is an urban plaza surrounded by a mixed use program of retail, offices and housing in order to create a vibrant environment, active around the clock.
The design creates an efficient circulation and parking scheme. By creating a high density urban environment, it encourages the use of public transportation and pedestrians over the use of private vehicles. Since urban regeneration is a very slow process we developed a flexible strategy, rather than a fixed design. A strategy that is able to sustain changes and reinterpretation over time while maintaining the compound's main architectural qualities.

117,000 sqm