Zarchy architects
Be'er Sheva, Pisgat Ramot Masterplan
The Pisgat Ramot Plan is a plan for an urban district on the northern border of the city of Be'er Sheva, adjacent to the Ramot B’ neighborhood, between Route 40 and east of Route 406 to the west. The quarter is planned for residential purposes, public buildings, public open areas, neighborhood commerce, employment areas.
The changes proposed in the plan have two main objectives: better alignment of the road system and construction with existing topographic conditions, and adapting the program to the updated needs regarding the total number of housing units and the mix of uses required.
The plan includes buildings of 4-7 floors in textured construction while preserving the public space and achieving maximum integration in the natural land route. The West Bank has a combined residential, commercial and employment area in buildings above 7 stories high. The commercial floor was a colonnade for pedestrians facing the municipal park within the area of the plan.
The proposed plan covers an area of 930,000 square meters and will include about 3,714 housing units (including elderly housing), commercial areas, employment areas, areas for public buildings, open public areas, trails and area for the municipal park.

Site Area: 930,000 sqm
Location: Be'er Sheva
Year: 2017 - in process